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Siege Ammo

Siege Ammo .223/5.56 Varmint V-Max 55gr 40rd

Product Code : 00850025259224

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These are packaged as two 20rd boxes.

As one of our most popular rounds in the Siege Ammo .223/5.56 Varmint Series, this round features the 55-grain V-MAX projectile by Hornady combined with a factory new Starline Brass case.  While this round is ideally designed for varmint hunting, we recognize that if pressed into a self-defense situation this round will perform.

The Hornady V-Max bullet has a boat tail and sharp polymer tip making it highly aerodynamic.  The V-Max' Polymer tip, upon impact, rams inward to unleash very fatal results for your target.

Every round is loaded into a Boxer-primed brass case.  These cases are new-production and reloadeable.

*NOTE: Due to component availability, the case is headstamped as 5.56 NATO from Starline.  Per Starline's website (, "Starline’s 5.56x45mm brass is identical to Starline’s .223 Remington brass except for a slight change in the metallurgy making it harder at the base of the case."    This ammunition has been designed to perform in both .223 and 5.56 barreled firearms.  Testing has been conducted in both .223 Bolt Action and 5.56 AR rifles with tremendous results.

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