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Protecting the Ones that You Love the Most

Looking for a self defense round that you can trust?  Our Siege Elite Defense ammunition is designed knowing that your loved ones mean the most to you.  We know that you are looking for an ammunition that not only are you trusting your life with, but also to protect those that you love the most.

Most "large company" ammunition is made with vague specifications so that they can operate in many different sized guns as possible.  This means a lot of compromises through the design process.  Siege Elite Defense ammuntion has been optimized for various guns.

Our 9mm +P XTP ammunition is optimized for your sub-compact carry handgun such as the Springfield Hellcat, Sig Sauer P365, the Glock 43, Sig Sauer P938, etc.

Our 9mm JHP ammunition is a generic all around hollow point that is optimized for the Taurus G-series guns, the Smith&Wesson Shield, the Springfield XDS, etc.

Our 9mm HP ammunition is optimized for handguns with a 4" or longer barrel.

The newest addition to our Siege Elite Defense Series, our .380acp JHP ammunition, is a generic all around hollow point that is optimized for your Kimber, Glock 42, Sig Sauer P238, Bersa Thunder380, Ruger LCP/LCPII, as well as your S&W Bodyguard firearms.